Rayan,Tanish and Jeondeep’s Crowdfunding Campaign for IEF and Elephant Welfare

A joint fundraiser by Rayan,Tanish,Jeondeep with IEF to raise funds for IEF and their projects to conserve and help Asian and African Elephants .
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About the Campaign

We,Rayan Kotecha, Tanish Gupta and Jeondeep Lambra have starteed a fundraiser in collaboration with the International Elephant Foundation (IEF). The funds collected will be utilized by the IEF for the welfare of asian and african elephants. 


Asian and African elephants are overexploited for their tusks and are kept under captivity for tourism and zoological purposes. With a shrinking habitat and poaching going on in suitable habitats too , many African and Asian elephants are in unsafe conditions and are on the brink of extinction. 

Hence, we thought that we must responsibly do our duty as humans and help save the elephants we humans have mistreated in the past. To do that , we thought that we must help the organisations working day in and day out to help conserve and take care of elephants, which is when we thought of collaborating with IEF and supporting them through this fundraiser.