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To celebrate Audrey's Sawn Phool, help us raise money for Asian elephant conservation!
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About the Campaign

Welcome to Audrey’s website!
Thank you so much for your giving your time to read through our website and donate to Audrey’s most treasured animals.

Did you know elephants are as smart as a three year old? They have an incredible memory and display traits of grief, learning, all mothering, mimicry, play, and altruism.
Asian Elephants eat bamboo and fruits.
There are 100,000 muscles in an elephants’ trunk.
They are pregnant for 19 months – think about that Moms…..and the babies are 200 pounds!
Baby elephants are called a calf, but Audrey calls all of them Stephanie.

The Asian elephants are in danger of becoming extinct in India and other countries due to poaching, logging and loss of habitat among other ways.

With your donation, the International Elephant Foundation can provide support to these incredible creatures.

With all our thanks,
The Shenoy Family and of course, Stephanie