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  1. On April 23rd, while returning from engaging with poachers, Sargent Albert Odar lost his life. One of Murchison Falls’ legends, Sgt. Odar fell from the back of a Land Cruiser as it swerved to avoid a giraffe in the road. He landed on his neck, never to recover.
    • 66.98% Funded
    • $10,047.31 Pledged
  2. Successful
    To celebrate Audrey's Sawn Phool, help us raise money for Asian elephant conservation!
    • 100.12% Funded
    • $826.00 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended
  3. Successful
    ShowMe Tigers is beginning a new endeavor to help continue and expand our commitment toward protecting wild tigers in Sumatra. Our sharing of the proper care, husbandry and treatment of performing tigers though entertainment and education has made it possible for our animal ambassadors to make a real difference for their wild cousins.
    • 104.82% Funded
    • $10,482.06 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended
  4. Successful
    Elephants are my favorite animals and it's sad to hear that in past 3 years over 100,000 elephants have been killed for their tusks. So please help me donate money to International Elephant Foundation so we can save the lives of more elephants.
    • 100.00% Funded
    • $210.00 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended

    By aashna

  5. Successful
    Let's make 2017 the Year of Conservation! Stand up and be counted as someone who refuses to let elephants leave our lives and our world! Give $1 to show you care about the future of these amazing animals.
    • 130.00% Funded
    • $65.00 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended